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Caregiver Self-Evaluation

Performance evaluations are an important part of your development here at Careforce. We strive to ensure that you have the opportunity to meet with your Supervisor in a timely manner, both at 3 months and on an annual basis. We need your help to ensure that your meeting is completed at the scheduled time. One part of this is realizing that it is important that you complete your self evaluation form before the meeting. You will be emailed by Melissa with all the details.

If you would prefer not to complete the evaluation online (below), you may request a hard copy of the evaluation by emailing careforce@careforce.ca or calling 902-365-3155

If you have a scheduled meeting and you come without your completed evaluation, the meeting will not go forward, it will be rescheduled. It is a key part of the meeting that you have your self-evaluation form completed in order for us to discuss the answers to the questions. If you receive an email about an appointment and you have not received an attached copy, please contact Melissa (careforce@careforce.ca) or call 365-3155 and ask that one be emailed to you.


Click here to complete your evaluation now.