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Home care agencies vs. private caregivers: which one is best for you?

With so many home care options available, what makes private agencies stand out?

When people are seeking home support for themselves or their loved ones, they have many options. Naturally, most people look first to family members and neighbours who can help them out with errands, housekeeping, and even some personal care.

Once that option has been exhausted, though, many people tend to begin comparing home care agencies (like Careforce) and private caregivers (an individual-for-hire). Sometimes, it can be a little tough to figure out the pros and cons of each option, and so here's some food for thought.


The primary advantage of hiring a private caregiver (again, an individual-for-hire) is cost: you can often hire a private caregiver for a lower hourly rate than an agency. But beyond that, there are many clear advantage to hiring a home care agency. For example, a home care agency like Careforce:

To be sure, there are some high quality private caregivers available for hire. Unfortunately, there are also some dishonest and unsavoury private caregivers waiting to take advantage of society's most vulnerable people (and it's tough to know the difference until it's too late).

Your best option is to do your homework, interview many caregivers (including both agencies and private caregivers), and make an informed decision. With your health and wellbeing at stake, it's unquestionably worth it.

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