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Living Well at Home: 5 New Year's De-stressing Tips for Caregivers

5 New Year’s De-Stressing Tips for Caregivers

by Joel Stoddart, Careforce Health Services

As a team of dedicated home health care professionals, our top priority is to provide compassionate and personalized care for our clients, making sure they can live comfortably and safely in their own homes. However, Careforce’s caregivers also work hard to help others – selfless family members, adult children, and community members – who are involved in caring for their loved ones. All too often, we observe these generous people experiencing ‘caregiver fatigue’ – a sense of being completely overwhelmed by their care-giving commitments.

So, this edition is dedicated to you – the caregiver. Here are 5 strategies (and a few bonus tips) you can use to increase energy, reduce tension, and give your loved ones your absolute best.

  1. Look for help outside the home – church groups and social groups are often willing to help out, they just need to know how. Don’t be afraid to ask – there have never been more retirees looking for ways to contribute to the health of their communities. A break of 1-2 hours per week could change your world.
  2. Talk it out – commiserating can be great therapy for caregivers. There are many people experiencing your same challenges – find them and talk to them. Sometimes all a caregiver needs is to know they’re not alone.
  3. Exercise – no time for the gym? Even a 10 minute de-stressing walk can help. A breath of fresh air goes a long way.
  4. Prioritize and pick your battles – remember that you are only one person and you can’t do it all. Go easy on yourself, set priorities, and don’t trick yourself into thinking you can do everything.
  5. Consider how technology can help – there has never been a better time to let technology help you manage family care. GPS, remote monitoring systems, and web-based software can do amazing things these days. Just Google ‘trends in home care technology’ and see for yourself.
  6. And more: keep to-do lists, eat well, create systems and routines, have a good scream, laugh at yourself, relax your need for control, pray/meditate, cook in bulk, learn to say ‘no’, delegate, set small/achievable goals, and give yourself a reward – you deserve it.

If you think Careforce may be able to help you de-stress by helping you care for a loved one, please call us at 365-3155 or email us at info@careforce.ca. We are always here to talk with you. For a free e-book on positive aging, please send us an email (to the address above) with the subject line: Apple Valley Scoop.