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Living well at home

Originally published in the Apple valley Scoop Issue 17 (June 2010) by Nancy Blezy RN, Nurse Manager, Careforce Health Services

Are you becoming concerned about your own ability or the ability of someone you care for? Are you concerned about the ability to manage personal or household care and activities? Home care services are available to fill those needs. In fact, home care services can also provide relief for friends and family members who are carrying the “care” load and who may need a break. Caregiver burnout should always be considered and avoided if at all possible. As a caregiver a little rest can mean that you can continue to provide more effective care for a loved one over a longer period of time.

Government Services

Government supported services, VON Home Care in our area, are accessed by calling the Continuing Care intake line, toll free, at 1-800-225-7225. A care coordinator can meet with you to complete an assessment. Based on eligibility those services will change as needs change and care coordinators will help you connect with programs in the community that may be helpful. The care coordinator will provide ongoing monitoring and adjustment of the services that may be needed. Depending on the service, there may or may not be a charge.

Private Home Care

Perhaps government supported service is not an option for you? Private home care services can be the answer.

Services provided by a private home care provider can differ from agency to agency. Careforce, for example, conducts a free in-home assessment aimed at providing the best care and caregiver. You’ll be involved in creating a plan of service that works for you. Home care is focused on providing you or your loved one the greatest possible level of independence. In fact it can mean maintaining independence for much longer than might otherwise be the case.

A caregiver will arrive when you want them to arrive. You’ll determine what is prepared for dinner and when you eat it. A caregiver can drive and assist for weekly appointments or outings, walk the dog and be there around the clock if needed. It’s all about maintaining the quality of life that’s deserved. At Careforce, for example, you can access a Registered Nurse at any time to discuss health and care concerns. Crisis isn’t limited to business hours and you may need answers at any time...day or night...and no, that shouldn’t cost more and it doesn’t.